Hi- this is Allon Khakshouri


I worked in the world of sports most of my adult life, managed the careers of several world #1 tennis player’s and ran my own tennis events.

I studied law at London School of Economics, have a Masters in Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution from the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, and a Member of the NY Bar.

I love learning about topics related to high performance and mental toughness, so I can apply new strategies into my own life and share what works with anyone interested.

On this website, I’ll teach you the things I WISH someone would have taught me in school, including:

How To Learn Quickly & Effeciently

This is the ultimate superpower that will help you acquire difficult skills quickly (and excel in your business, career and life).

How To Become a High-performer

This means building a lifestyle that allows you to achieve ultra-ambitious goals without sacrificing your health and your dearest relationships.

How to be Happy

For example by developing key character traits that lead to inner satisfaction (like becoming focused, patient and present, acting with integrity, and being more kind and grateful).

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Anti-habits and the curse of compounding

Anti-habits and the curse of compounding

Albert Einstein called “Compounding” the world’s 8th wonder because over time an asset can grow exponentially. For example, say you invest $ 1,000 today and generate a return of 10%.  In one year, you will have accumulated $ 1,100. In year two, you will have...


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