I help ambitious entrepreneurs live an exceptional life.

My mission is to empower more people to become high performers, and to balance professional excellence with personal satisfaction. I believe more people can make a bigger impact through their work, without burning themselves out or sacrificing their personal well-being.

It feels like yesterday:

I had a dream to graduate from a top university and then become involved with world class athletes. The problem was that I had various disabilities and so I wasn’t allowed to go to an ordinary Swiss school.

Despite the odds being stacked against me, I was determined to change my fate.

Thanks to the efforts of my parents I had been given the chance to complete a trial month at a Swiss primary school. If I was successful then I would finally be able to go to the same school as many of my friends.

For one month, I worked as hard as I could and now came the moment of truth.

When the headmaster, with his long black beard and dark suite, finally entered the room, I started feeling sweat dripping down my back.

The silence was killing me.

But it didn’t take long until he sat down and started speaking.

In seconds, all my hopes and dreams were broken.

Without much hesitation he said:

As much as we like Allon and appreciate how hard he works, he is not made for this school.

My world was shattered.

I didn’t want to speak to anyone for the next few days.

And I felt really depressed.

But then, as I was watching a tennis match, I had this thought:

How do world-class tennis players recover from a disappointing defeat?

Do they sink their heads and give up?

Or do they vow to become better than ever!

And that was the moment when I would never allow other people to determine my future!

From a struggling kid to fulfilling a childhood dream and managing some of the world’s best tennis players, I put my career success down to the high performances strategies that I started to model at a young age.

But that is not all:

High performance strategies have also helped me continuously improve my personal life:

For example, I was able to shift from being this never-ending party bachelor to attracting the woman of my dreams and building an amazing family, all whilst still creating plenty of time for myself.

Now that I am married and have kids, living a high performance lifestyle continues to help me pursue big personal ambitions without giving up on my desire to be the best husband and dad that I can be.

But more importantly, it will allow me to demonstrate to my kids and family that it is possible to combine professional success with personal joy and thriving relationships- and I believe that is the best gift I can give my loved ones.

Regardless of your situation, I am convinced that striving to be a high performer is the only way we can learn to both handle the many stressful situations we all face whilst also living a joyful- and impactful life. This is especially so if you are an entrepreneur whose business depends on you performing at your best.

With this in mind, I have made it my mission to share some of the world’s best high performance strategies with ambitious young entrepreneurs like you, who want to develop the mindset and thinking of real champions so that they can take their game to the next level and make their positive impact to this world.

Some of the topics I will cover on this site include:


What separates world class performers from everyone else?


Why do we think the thoughts we do, and how can we change them?


How can we develop the kind of passion and purpose that lets us persist even when things don’t seem to be working our way?


What can we learn from world class athletes so we can pursue our biggest dreams?


What does it mean to be living a happy and fulfilling life?


How can we handle feelings of stress and overwhelm better so that we are able to grow our business without ruining our health nor our dearest relationships?


What can we do to train our mind in the same way athletes train their bodies?


How we can discover our winning edge?


Watching tennis stars as a kid gave me the hope and inspiration to become a top performer and push myself to overcoming all the obstacles I was facing.

I saw how young athletes could achieve remarkable results through hard work, self-belief and a commitment to consistently improve.

As a result of these role models, and the support of the people around me, I have been fortunate enough to transform my life and turn my childhood passion for tennis into my professional career.

Amongst other things:


I managed three world #1 tennis players.


I organized professional ATP tennis events in three countries that attracted the likes of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray.


I now help young, ambitious individuals entrepreneurs implement high performance strategies into their business- and personal lives so that they are able to experience breakthrough results without ruining their own wellbeing and most important relationships.


I have been a Member of the ATP Council and have witnessed first hand the evolution of professional tennis over the last ten years.


I have written a bestselling book as well as probably the most extensive free Guides on High Performance and Mental Toughness available on the internet.

Do you want to become a real force in your industry and take your career and your life to the next level without ruining your health and your closest personal relationships?

Get your free PDF copy of the 26,000 word long Ultimate Guide to High Performance and learn what world class athletes and top performers do to increase their focus, energy levels and mental toughness in order to outperform their competition.

In this Guide, you will learn how you can:

  • Become so productive that you will move towards your big goals faster than ever before, even if you feel extremely busy and overwhelmed right now.
  • Excel in those big pressure moments that define top performers but make everyone else sweat bullets.
  • Develop the mental toughness to bounce back from setbacks and disappointments Swiftly.

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