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Conscious Focus

Allon Khakshouri
Psychology of Success Expert, Former Manager of World #1, Novak Djokovic

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Why you need to become an actor!

One of the funniest moments as the former agent of world number, Novak Djokovic, was seeing him impersonate his fellow players, following the US Open final in 2007 (You can see it here: Djokovic imitates Sharapova and Nadal). At the time, I thought that my client was simply an extremely funny and gifted actor. What I didn’t realize is this ... Read More »

How to instantly gain confidence

As a child, I remember looking up towards the kids who expressed confidence. I quickly realized that confidence is one of the key recipes for success. I knew this was a trait I would have to have, in order to be successful. So I tried to imitate those confident guys, and pretend to be something I wasn’t. Later on, I ... Read More »

The Wealthy And The Rich

I know what’s your first question is. What’s the difference between being wealthy and being rich? Being wealthy and being rich synonymously involves with having a lot of money. But, the main difference between wealthy people and rich people is knowledge. Wealthy people are motivated by their dreams that’s why they know how to make money while rich people are only ... Read More »

5 Morning Habits of the Ultra-Successful

After years and years of studying and managing some of the best of all-time, you start to see many commonalities among them. What is it that they do? What separates them from the pack? What’s the difference between good and great? Those are the questions I try to answer for you every single week. One of the answers lies in their morning ... Read More »

How good are your intuitions: Part 2

Last week we spoke about two different brain functions, which we metaphorically called System 1 (makes intuitive choices) and System 2 (responsible for effort and conscious decision making). We discussed how one of the main functions of the often lazy System 2 is to monitor and control the thoughts and actions suggested by System 1, and make corrections when needed.  ... Read More »

How good are your intuitions?

We have all heard that we have conscious and unconscious thoughts. Nobel Prize winner uses the metaphor of two systems he calls System 1 and System 2, whereby System 1 is responsible for the more automated and intuitive thought processes (invisible thoughts), and System 2 for our conscious choices that require some deliberation (visible thoughts). Kahneman explains that our System ... Read More »

How human are you?

As a huge animal lover, I used to get quite upset when people asked me not to treat my puppy like a human being. After all, to me he was like a true friend. However, over time, I started thinking what makes us human, and different from the world of animals, and to what extent we use these distinct features. ... Read More »

Find the love of your life with these tips

Finding love can seem so brutally difficult to many. This is especially frustrating as most of us believe at some level that we are worthy of love.  To add salt to the wound, it becomes even more painful when we see so many others flourishing in with their partners. The secret I am about to share is counter intuitive: rather ... Read More »

The one secret you must know about love!

It is no secret that around half the marriages in the modern world fall apart after a few years. From the other half, we can also assume that many fail to really thrive in their relationships. This predicament is even scary to many singles, as they might sense that they are doomed to fail in an intimate relationship. Therefore it ... Read More »

What do you think is possible?

Up until 1954, no person ever managed to run a mile under 4 minutes. This seemed beyond the human limit. Doctors and scientists believed man kind had reached a record that could not be broken. Until Roger Bannister came along. He claimed it was possible and trained as hard as all the other competitors. He too was stuck at times ... Read More »

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