The reason I have created the High Performance Project Group starts with my story of when I was a small kid who had learning disabilities. These disabilities included motor motion disorder, delayed speech and poor vision, amongst other things.

Nevertheless, I was this very ambitious kid and I wanted to really belong to the society where I lived, which was in Zurich, Switzerland.

However here was the challenge:

The Swiss schooling authorities wanted to send me into a school for kids with special needs.

Thankfully, my parents did not allow that.

Instead, they sent me to the international school.

It was fun, but I always had a dream to become part of the Swiss schooling system, and through a lot of hard work, we got a trial month at a Swiss primary school.

During that month, I really worked hard and did everything I could to stay.

However, at the end of the month the headmaster said in a meeting with me and my parents:

“Listen, we love Allon, he works hard, but he’s just not cut for this school.”

That broke my world. I was devastated.

At the time I also looked up to these athletes because I admired how competitive they were, how hard they would fight to achieve their goals and how resilient they were when facing setbacks.

As a huge sports fan I asked myself:

“What would a world-class athlete do after such a big defeat?”

After a day or two, I realized he would fight hard to achieve his dream, and that’s what I did.

I worked extremely hard to improve my German skills.

I had lots of tutors and private coaches to help maximize my chances to fulfil my dream.

And I researched every opportunity to try and switch to the Swiss schooling system.

Eventually, my hard work paid off. I ended up getting into Swiss school.

Later I would study at top Universities including the London School of Economics, the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, and I also took a self-study course and passed the New York Bar exam.

In the end, I even fulfilled a childhood dream and represented some of these world’s best tennis players.

The most exciting part:

I got to really see what separates the very best very athletes from everyone else, and that was a great thing.

One thing that I realized was this;

As a kid, I would think those athletes that I was idolizing had it all worked out in their lives.

  • They had a great career;
  • They were dating amazing partners;
  • They just symbolized the perfect life.

But, the more I got to know the world of sports, I learned of scandals, divorces, nasty arguments, fights, character issues, depression.

Even athletes who lost all their money.

I really wondered,

“Why don’t they manage to take care of all the aspects of their lives? They’re so ambitious, they work so hard, they’re such amazing …”

This brings me to what High Performance means to me.

High performance is a combination of things.

On the one hand, it means being super ambitious in our life, having big goals, and building the mindset and motivation to really make the most of our abilities.

At the same time, high performance also means making sure that we develop as a human being, that we develop our personal happiness and satisfaction, and that we nurture flourishing relationships.

I say this because, at the end of the day, life is about so much more than one-dimensional success. High Performance is not about financial success, sporting success or celebrity success.

True High Performance is about human connections and sharing what we contribute to this world, and sharing the things we do with the people we love, and the people that love us or that surround us.

So I started learning about subjects like motivation, neuroscience, habit building, and positive psychology.

I was wondering:

“How can we decode high performance so that any ambitious person can really implement strategies and habits into their lives?”

That’s when I came up with the idea to create a Facebook group with like-minded people.

I want to make this group a platform where we share the best high performance strategies and habits, and tactics, both athlete, from mine and your experiences from things we read and things we hear.

I also want this to be a platform where we all support each other,  hold ourselves accountable, and where we all push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

That’s really my story why I created this group.

Just imagine you could increase your ambitions and your abilities to take action in one critical most area of your life by saying just 5% or 10%.

This could be your business, or if you are an athlete, your career, or even just being a better parent.

And now, imagine you could do this, while at the same time, making sure you feel satisfied, meaningful, fulfilled, and while building amazing connections with your loved ones.

That is what the High Performance Project is about.

If these thoughts excite you, and you too feel passionate about high performance, you can join our group by clicking here.

See you inside. 🙂


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