“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”. – Brendon Bouchard

Are you a big sports fan?

If so, what is it that fascinates you with sport?

As for me, I am a huge sports fan, simply because, in sports, we can witness athletes pushing themselves to new limits, demonstrating performances that have been deemed impossible.

Specifically, I have noticed three key ingredients that mark people who outperform themselves and their competitors on a regular basis, three traits we can all adopt in order to enjoy unprecedented success.

1. Long lasting top performers enjoy a sense of Purpose

If you have a big enough WHY as to the reasons that you want to achieve a specific outcome, you will be able to push yourself beyond anything you have done before. The key here is to think a bit deeper.

The very best athletes are not compelled by money and fame. Rather, they love what they do, and feel particularly inspired by some intrinsic motivation, such as representing the country they adore, or feeding their desire to grow. Their WHY is the fuel that allows them to dig deeper than most people.

The good news is that this ability to stretch our limits for a worthy mission is engrained in our DNA:

Just think of a woman in labor, and the kind of pain a woman she is able to endure while giving birth. It is that kind of determination that allows us to achieve the unthinkable.

2. Remarkable athletes approach their journey with self-compassion

They understand that setbacks are part of their destiny, and that in fact recovering swiftly from disappointments is a key to sustained success.

For example, in tennis, every week, with the exception of the winner, all the other competitors need to deal with losing.  What distinguishes the very best from all the rest is that they grow stronger from every defeat.

Thankfully, this form of self-compassion is something we can all adopt. Life comes with many setbacks, but by being kind towards ourselves, and appreciating our efforts and hard work, rather than mere results, we give ourselves the opportunity to become stronger over time.

3. Top athletes who dominate their sport over a longer period of time live the kind of lifestyle that promotes laser beam focus

To be the best, they need to be fully engaged when performing, which is extremely difficult. Apart from training hard, they have daily routines like waking up and going to sleep at specific times, eating specific foods, and mingling with specific people.

Athletes understand a simple principle, namely that everything they do, counts, either moving them closer towards or further away from their dreams. By promoting the kind of lifestyle that makes them feel energized and productive, they distinguish themselves from the masses.

So if you are serious about becoming more successful, ask yourself this:

What is your most important goal right now, and how does this goal give you the kind of Purpose that will make you unstoppable?

How can you ensure that you will be kind towards yourself, and accept setbacks that will happen as part of this process?

And what lifestyle changes could help you ensure that you feel energized and productive?

I believe that you can make the kind of adjustments in your lifestyles that will instantly increase your capacity to perform on command.  And they don’t need to be complicated!

By simplifying your day, for example by stopping to multi task, and by eliminating energy draining distractions, such as the excessive use of technology, you will instantly expand your ability to concentrate on what matters most.

Additional positive habits, such as good nutrition, healthy sleeping routines and some quality time with friends and family, will accelerate the upward spiral of your success.

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