I have always had mixed feelings about people who neglect their close friends, once they enter a relationship or get married… 

…until I got married myself (and especially ever since I have kids).

Suddenly, I realize that as our life changes, and as we take on more responsibilities, it becomes so much harder to stay in touch with friends- especially if they are not in the same place as me, like being married with kids.

Sadly, the price means losing contact with dear friends.

I thought about this today and decided to use this time locked inside our home to reach out to friends and re-engage this with them.

It is a great way to revive friendships, avoid feeling isolated and alone and hopefully stay in touch with them after this current crisis.

Day 8: Reach out to three friends

Hopefully, by the time you are reading this email, you have already reached out to a close family member or planned a romantic evening with your partner or spouse.

For tomorrow, I invite you to expand your social circle and reach out to three close friends you haven’t spoken to for a while.

These might be:

  • Childhood friends.
  • School friends.
  • University friends.
  • Work colleagues
  • Fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Former or current neighbors.
  • Family

Your friends probably are feeling a bit lonely right now, just as you and me– and they definitely have more time to chat.

So you can just call them, facetime with them, or use video conferencing apps, like Zoom.

You can send them a note in advance to schedule a time, something like this:


I’ve been thinking of you- it’s been a while.

Would you be up for catching up, some time this week?

We can use Zoom or facetime to make it more personal.

Let me know what works,

Best wishes,

Your name

When you call them, see how they are doing, and how they are coping in these difficult times. What I like to do once I cover the initial small talk, is to ask friends what they are currently working on, or what their priorities are in these tough times, what their long term dreams are, and what the main challenges are that they are facing.

This gives me a chance to sense where they are at, and also where I can maybe help them, through experiences I have or introductions I can make.

At the end of the call, you may want to emphasize that you’d love to stay in touch and speak again in the coming weeks.

I invite you to try this with three friends, leave a comment down below with the short note “done”.

Warm regards, 


PS. If you want to expand on this idea, make it a project, reach out to ten friends a week, and literally revive your social network.

PSS. If you missed any of the past challenges, you can find them by clicking the links below.

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