When I was 11, I watched a movie with my brother where people were eating insects.

I screamed:

“Wow, that is so disgusting, how can they do that?”

Then my brother told me something that changed the way I saw food:

He responded:

“We humans eat cows, chickens and all sorts of big animals!”

From that moment, I became a more conscious eater and stopped eating meat.

During these days where we are stuck at home, it is so easy to binge eat it from feeling both bored and anxious.

At the same time, it is a perfect time to reflect on our diet, and turn meals into a daily highlight.

Thanks to my wife, we have started to eat all meals together as a family, and my wife puts a special effort in creating not only delicious but also super healthy meals.

In addition, I have started to focus on eating more mindfully.

Mindful eating is a technique that allows us to gain more control over our eating habits.

Mindful eating can be extremely beneficial in these hectic times where we feel rushed and never give ourselves a moment to just relax and enjoy ourselves. In addition, mindful eating has been shown to promote positive outcomes like weight loss, a reduction of binge eating and increased well being- all benefits that will help us while being stuck inside our homes.

Mindful eating is pretty simple and involves:

  • Eating and chewing more slowly and without distractions like phones or iPads.
  • engaging our senses so we notice things like the color of our food, its smell, the texture of the food and its general flavor.
  • listening to hunger cues so we don’t eat more than we actually need to feel full.
  • Noticing how foods make us feel.
  • Enjoying our meals.

Mindful eating will give you an easy win and help you create more moments of sanity in these stressful days.

Day 6: Mindful Eating

For tomorrow, set yourself reminders to enjoy three healthy meals in which you will take your time and eat as mindfully as you can. Ideally, try to enjoy at least one of your meals with your family!

Warm regards,


Quick reminder: Your challenge for today is to go to sleep early and ensure you get 8 hours of quality sleep. This is one habit that will really improve your well being during this current lockdown!

PSS. You can check all the previous challenges below:

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