I recently watched a Ted Talk with professor Stephen Post who reveals that doing acts of kindness help us live longer, healthier and happier.

According to him, just the mere thought of doing something kind to others makes us feel good as it releases hormones like dopamine and serotonin that elevate our well being. It also triggers a sense of meaning and purpose.

After reflecting about this, I realized that this crisis reminds us of our shared humanity.

I also realized that one of the best ways to cope with these exceptional circumstances and feel a sense of peacefulness in the midst of our fears, comes from asking a simple question:

How can I contribute to the wellbeing of the people around me?

Take a moment to think about this question and what one thing is you could do tomorrow, to spread a bit of goodness and kindness.

When you do this, be aware that one barrier that we have is to think of grand gestures of heroism, like massive donations or hours and hours of volunteering. 

This is not necessary.

Simple acts of kindness can make an impact in people’s lives and will feel very rewarding to you.

Ideas could include:

  • Sharing something inspirational or even funny on social media.
  • Calling someone who you know is feeling lonely.
  • Bring breakfast to your spouse in the morning.
  • Share something inspirational or fun on social media to lift people’s spirits.
  • Volunteer to deliver essentials or food in front of the doors of older people.
  • Make a donation to one of the many organizations supporting the millions of people who currently need support.
  • Interact with your neighbors, in a creative and non-disturbing way, like they did in Italy.

Day 9: Do one act of kindness

Tomorrow, I challenge you to think of one act of kindness or giving that you can make, to help at least one person you don’t know, feels better.

As always, once you do, just leave a short comment down below with the note “done”.

Warm regards,


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