“Make every day your masterpiece” – John Wooden

OK, you planned out 2019 and spent a lot of time thinking about your goals, so what is next?

It’s time to take consistent action.

Like the famous basketball coach John Wooden famously said, we want to turn everyday into our own little masterpiece.

Even if this grand ambition sounds overwhelming, it does not have to be.

Here is a simple routine that has helped me literally make every single day more fun, more meaningful and more productive.

I start my day, by priming myself with three powerful questions.

I ask myself:

  1. What is something that I am really looking forward to?  This question helps me feel excited, makes me feel good and makes me feel pumped up, so it really helps me jump out of bed easily, effortlessly and early.
  2. What’s one thing I want to achieve today? Often, lots of unpredicted things interrupt my schedule, but by having one item that I know will really help me move towards my bigger picture goals, I feel confident and satisfied even if I do not manage to get anything else done.
  3.  How can I improve ONE important relationship in my life? We all want to improve our relationships but often think we don’t have time. By setting a manageable and yet important relational goal I train myself to become a nicer, more caring husband, father or friend, without promising to become the next Dalai Lama. Often, all I do is commit to a small act of kindness, like surprising someone with a note of flowers, demonstrating more respect or being kind.

You can use different questions, but the idea stays the same.

We want to ask questions that allow us to really visualize our day and some of the highlights we want to experience and witness.

This process barely takes more than 5 minutes, but it’s such a game changer.

To amplify the effect, I also ask myself three questions at the end of the day:

  1. How was my day? I spend a few minutes reflecting on highlights, things that could have gone better, lessons to be learned, and things that make me feel grateful.
  2. Did I accomplish my one main goal? If I did, I’ll celebrate inside my mind and allow myself to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. And if I didn’t, no big deal, but I’ll tweak my productivity routines and ask myself: ‘’How can I be more productive in the upcoming days?’’
  3. Did I invest in one relationship? In other words, did I really make that one person smile, leave a note or create a surprise? I also spend a minute to reflect if I was generally good with most of the relationships, as I want to continue deepening the connections friends and family…

These three questions help me stay accountable towards creating real highlights, every single day.

Again, you are free to change the questions, but spending five minutes reflecting on topics like your relationships, your well being, and your productivity will help you tweak your day so that you will constantly be moving towards some of your main ambitions.

Ok, enough about me:

What questions will you be asking yourself every single day to make sure you start building momentum?

Please let me know in the comment section below.

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