We have just concluded the first professional men’s tennis tournament in Shenzhen. A surprise late entry was former Wimbledon and US Open Champion, and Olympic winner, Andy Murray. And what a lesson he has taught us..

Murray seemed very motivated and eager to win this tournament, and fought himself into the final. In the final, Murray played veteran Tommy Robredo, and what a tennis treat this match offered.

Robredo seemed slightly tougher at the beginning of the match, although everyone could see how important this match was to Murray, who wanted to win his first tournament in over a year. Conditions were tough as it was very hot and humid. Robredo won the first set in a roughly contested battle 7-5. After defending two set points he was then up 6-2 in the second tie break, enjoying four consecutive match points. The match seemed over.

photoHowever, the beauty of tennis is, that a match is never over until you won the last point. In an incredible comeback, Murray defended those four match points, one more later on, and miraculously won the second tie break in a breathtaking show down, 10-8. In the final set he was the fitter of the two, as the combination of disappointment, nerves and fatigue made it almost impossible for Robredo to run. Murray won the set convincingly, becoming the first Shenzhen Open winner, and winning his first title since Wimbledon.

He also demonstrated what makes tennis so attractive and inspiring- no matter what the score is, and how hopeless a situation may seem, there is always a chance for a comeback…

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