My wife and me have just arrived to New York, one of the busiest and hectic cities in the world. Although I think NY is a cool city, its crazy lifestyle excites me too much and this is why it is so important for me to slow down from time to time and simply relax.

Strangely, I tend to neglect some of my daily habits I have acquired over the years, when I am on vacation. So to say, I had been skipping my daily meditation. A reason for this may be that during trips it can become hard to live according to a set schedule, and flexibility is required. For example, I noticed that since arriving here in NY I felt quite anxious and stressed out. In part, this was of course because I am in a new city far from home, and although I love New York, it does take some adjusting.


This situation is quite funny because my entire meditation session barely takes 20 minutes a day, consisting of a daily-guided recording from an app called Headspace. Nevertheless it seems hardest to follow during vacation time, when ironically I am the least busy. I guess my mind simply desires some freedom and space. At the same time I noticed that it is especially when I travel to foreign countries, that meditation becomes so vital to me, as it helps me create exactly that: freedom and space.

Headspace has made all the difference in this process. Initially, meditation was difficult for me. But this app has gives a structure and a daily routine, to enjoy some quality time by myself and slow down from my busy life.


Meditation also helps me cope better with stressful situations, such as the actual travelling, which can be extremely exhausting. In addition, the experience of a totally new and unfamiliar environment can feel overwhelming. By connecting to stillness, it becomes so much easier for me to adjust to these changes so that I can enjoy the new environment in a curious and open manner. Thanks to my meditation, I find joy wherever I go.


The small effort of daily meditation really allows me to get the most of my vacations. By becoming a mindful traveler, I enjoy almost every moment as a fun and exciting adventure. So if it’s hard for you to meditate on your own for any reason, I really suggest you try Headspace. By the way, they have now developed a special series dedicated to travelers, making meditation on the road easier than ever. Have fun, and please remember to let me now what you think while I have my peaceful fun in NY!


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