If you are like me, you are probably planning your New Year resolutions as you read this. You may also know that most people struggle to follow through with their goals. Therefore I would like to share the key steps that have helped me define and follow through with my goals. Here they are:

1 – Choice: Have a vision about your life and where you want to be in say 5 or 10 years. Only then will you be able to choose the one year goals that will make a difference to your life. I usually create a vision in key areas of my life, which include: Relationships, Business, Career, Personal Development, Spiritual goals and Leisure goals. Then I make a list of ten key goals per year. Of these, I usually also define my most important goal for the year, the propeller for a successful year. Think about why these goals are so important to you, as this will enhance your motivation.

2 – Realistic Optimism: Your goals should impact your life, and thus be challenging. At the same time, they must be realistic in the extent that you are not banking on unprecedented change or growth. Finding the balance, is the key skill here;-)

3 – Write down your goals: Writing down your goals is crucial, as this is how you give your subconscious a clear picture of what you want. I try and write down my ten goals, daily, and picture having achieved them in my mind, while doing so. If you have time, also write down the benefits that you will enjoy by having accomplished your respective goals.

4 – Be strategic: Analyze where you are right now, and define the key steps you need, in order to obtain your goal. Try and be as objective as you can, with this process. Make sure your goal is measurable and specific. Set up mini goals, 3 month, and 6 month and 9 month benchmarks. Identify the obstacles you will need to overcome to achieve your goals, and write them down. Then make sure you learn and research anything you need to know or master, in order to achieve your goals. Read books, take classes, find mentors and people who can support you. Think of the people with whom you can cooperate, and how you can offer win-win solutions.

5 – Make a Plan: Write out all of the activities that you are going to have to engage in to accomplish your mini goal. Prioritize your list so that you have the order with which you will action. Continually review your list, as it will constantly need adjusting. Once achieved, do the same for the next mini goal (next period). While doing so, ensure you are on track to achieving your year-end goal.

6 – Create clear Purposes: Spend every morning visualizing your most important goals, or at the very least, your main goal. First, find a quiet location and then spend a few minutes to relax yourself through simple meditation. Simply place your attention on your breathing, and enjoy a relaxed state. Then spend 10-20 minutes visualizing having accomplished your goal, and how you feel, with as much sense data as possible. See yourself through your own eyes, for example living in that house you planned to purchase, or doing the job you have been dreaming of ( if those where your goals). Remember to use an active imagination and try to use clear mental pictures and impressions.

7 – Persistence:  Make sure you never give up, working to achieve your goals and creating the life you long for. You will always face challenges, setbacks, and moments of despair. Exactly those are the moments, to keep going. The key is to stay disciplined. By overcoming doubts and obstacles, and achieving goals, you build the faith that you are unstoppable in your quest to success. This is how you build your character and generate confidence to achieve even greater goals next year;-)

I hope this helps, and look forward to hearing how you progress. I wish you lots of luck with your goals, and an amazing upcoming year. Warm regards, Allon


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