This was initially going to be the name of my first book which will be out in December. I am now working on a new name, but the topic of the book will remain the same, and reflects the subject I enjoy exploring most, namely: how do people achieve breakthrough’s?

by Luke KayyemFor example, I love to research how an athlete suddenly takes his whole game to another level? Or how a lousy student out of the blue becomes an incredibly successful entrepreneur. And of course how a convinced and longtime bachelor suddenly finds the love of his life, the main theme of my book.

One thing is for sure: massive changes as the ones I described above are never easy. At the same time I believe this is the beauty in life- fulfilling events are not meant to happen easily, but rather through a journey of persistence, trial and error, and resilience, thanks to which we build the character that allows us to become our new and best self. In fact, most of the joy comes from the journey and not the specific outcomes.

Our biggest tool for this process, I believe is our mind. Ironically, we learn about all the other body parts except for our mind. In my view it is through our mind that some people choose a life of mediocrity, others even choose to fail, while yet others opt for a life in which they excel. We all have our conscious and unconscious stories for that justify the life script we have chosen. However, my experience has also shown me that the key to success is that we can choose to change this script, to live a life that exceeds our wildest dreams.

By: Frank Grace

This is especially so when it comes to attracting love. After all, I have never met a person who wasn’t able to be at least be either beautiful, inspiring, loving or fun when they wanted to. Why we often choose to sell ourselves short is a topic I explore in more detail in my book, but the important lesson I have learned is that it is never too late to make big decisions, and then to fully commit and engage towards producing the results we aspire. By ensuring that we continuously move towards progress we can enjoy remarkable results.

In my case, it happened when I realized I was tired of living the life of a bachelor life, with some intervals of flaky relationships. I made the choice to dedicate myself to finding a girlfriend- not any girl- but the woman of my dreams. I fully focused myself on fulfilling this dream, and committed myself to becoming the person who would attract the woman of his dream- and it was the most exciting journey so far in my life. I proved that we can achieve our dreams, not just for me, but also for you:-)


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