As a child, I remember looking up towards the kids who expressed confidence. I quickly realized that confidence is one of the key recipes for success. I knew this was a trait I would have to have, in order to be successful. So I tried to imitate those confident guys, and pretend to be something I wasn’t.

Later on, I would give my tennis clients the same piece of advice. “In order to be successful, you must be confident, and if you aren’t, just fake it.” However, over time I realized that although we could try and act confident, it was not something we could just simulate. What I realized, was that the secret to becoming confident lies in making and keeping commitments. For some, this may come more naturally than others, but we can all start this process that will exponentially increase the confidence we experience.

Let me explain: Making commitments– especially in areas of our lives that will bring about massive improvements -will make us feel better about ourselves. For example, improving our finances, becoming fitter, or finding true love are achievements that will make us feel both satisfaction about the results and our improved life, but also give us faith in our competence to paint our own destiny. Equally important, being able to make commitments that we are able to follow through with, gives us the feeling of worthiness, seeing ourselves as people with integrity, who walk there talk and get things done.

This combination of feeling worthy of a great life, and able to shape our destiny, is what gives us confidence. The benefits resulting from the actions we take, enhance our well being and motivation to take bigger and bolder challenges upon ourselves, triggering an upward spiral of happiness and success.

So the starting point is deciding on some commitments that you will pursue. These can be as simple as waking up earlier, spending more time with your family, saving a percentage of your income, or learning a new skill. In my case, I have committed to launch my own podcast series with people I have always wished to speak. How about you? What will your commitment be? Please share it with me so we can inspire each other.

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