It is a common mistake to assume that gradual change will only engender incremental results. My experience has shown me that what may seem difficult at first, will at some point transform into massive results. This will be a key topic in my upcoming book ( more about this soon;-). But let me explain with my favorite subject, namely thinking:

Our thoughts may resemble a block of ice.  Depending on our experiences and relationship to these experiences, this block of ice can freeze – amongst other things – our natural abilities to progress in life, whether this means attracting love, being successful in business or prospering in any other way. In other words, it keeps us in one place. For example, I am sure you have met or known of people who may have an extraordinary talent in one field, but in others, like social skills, are deprived. Their thinking is like a block of ice that has frozen up their natural abilities to attract a perfect partner. This block this block will remain the same, if not stronger over time – if ignored. These people will keep doing the same things over and over, wishing to experience a different outcome.

Interestingly, the frozen ice will also remain relatively unaffected if we gradually heated it up by increasing the temperature by one degree at a time. However, once the block of ice is exposed to the freezing point of 0 degrees (32 degrees Fahrenheit), it melts down and transforms into water. It is in this manner that we are also able to reprogram our minds. Gradual changes will have little to no impact initially, until we reach our tipping point. The key is to persist: This is how the miracles of compounding work.


But is compounding really a miracle? In fact, compounding is generating benefits, like earnings, from previous earnings.  With thinking, the relationship with this is ‘positive feedback’.  Our mental complexes once set, work by themselves, in positive feedback.  If we have right complexes in our heads that help us get a life, then the results and benefits to our lives will grow & grow.  The opposite will happen if we have negative complexes like “Life is hard”, “people don’t care”, “women are stupid”, etc.  So, once we believe that life is about learning and growing, we realize that we have the unlimited potential to achieve the most incredible goals we may have. The key is to get started and follow through!

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