Research has shown on numerous occasions that married people live a healthier life physically and spiritually, recover better from diseases, and live a healthier lifestyle. According to an article from Harvard Health Publications, a survey of 127,545 men proved that married men live longer than single, divorced, or widowed men. Another recent study by the American College of Cardiology’s 63rd Annual Scientific Session found that married men have lower rates of several cardiovascular diseases compared to single, divorced, and widowed men.  In the National Longitudinal Mortality Study published in 2000 by the US Census Bureau, 281,460 men and women aged 45 and older were compared with regard to mortality. The finding here was that unmarried persons aged between 45-64 years had a significantly higher risk of mortality than married people. Similar work conducted by the British Regional Heart Study, published in 1995, also found that being single was associated with an increased risk of death from a cardiovascular disease. And a 2013 study by Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, found that married people, in general, are half as likely to die during middle age as single people.

In short, it seems that relationships are a crucial element for being happy and healthy, as they enrich our lives emotionally, connect us to others socially, and provide for much more mental stimulation. Of course, it is impossible to impose love into somebody’s life. In addition, it becomes much harder to change our lives over time. Past experiences engrain the habits that continue to determine our life script.

However, once we become aware of these habits, we can also learn to change the patterns that are holding us back. This is not an easy process, and does take a longer term vision of a better life. This insight will be a huge disappointment those who have become accustomed to the fast past paced quick fixes of our generation, insisting that short cuts can and should work. Fact is, when it comes to love, this form of laziness does not work well.


Once we understand that “effort” is the key to real change, then being single also becomes a huge opportunity, not only for finding true love, but to grow as a human being.  I describe my journey, and the 14 steps that allowed me to find my dream partner in my new book, Engaged. They are aimed at conditioning the mind and heart to become ready to capitalize on opportunities for love when they arise. In my case, I not only enriched my life by finding my soul mate, but also developed the self belief to set new and exciting challenges 😉

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