“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis Of Assisi

We all have the same amount of time, and yet some people manage to get so much more done than others. Why?

Before I will answer that question for you, we need to recognize these simple truths:


Top performers focus on the things that matter, while most other people are busy trying to master everything in their lives.


Being super productive does not mean working more, it means doing things smarter. This is why high achievers often have more time to do fun things they enjoy.

Productivity here really means taking the kind of actions that will ensure that you are moving towards your biggest dreams. That could mean earning a million dollars, finding a loving partner, willing a sports competition or getting into top shape.

Today, I want to show you a very simple formula that will instantly help you understand how you can achieve big goals efficiently. The good news is that becoming productive does not need to be difficult.

Productivity = Big Goal + Success habits+ Persistence

Step 1: Have one big goal at a time

I used to overwhelm myself with tons of New Year Resolutions. In a way, I was setting myself up for failure as it was clearly impossible to follow through with all of them. The thing was that I was getting extremely frustrated and often ended up not completing any of my resolutions.

However, this all changed when I read about Alfred Pareto. He was an economist who initially realized that 80% of land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population, and then detected that most of our results can be attributed to a few simple activities.

In other words, if you want to be a top basketball player, working on your dribbling skills and movement might be an accelerator to success. If you run an online business, you could possibly double your income by just finding a way to generate more traffic into your marketing funnel.

To quote Tony Robbins:

“Most people fail because they major in minor things”.

So I started focusing on one goal at a time, and at few activities that would help me ensure I would achieve it in the most effective manner.


Pick the one goal you want to achieve in the coming 12 months, and think of the three main activities that you would need to master, in order to achieve that goal. Dedicate some time every day and work on those specific tasks.

Step 2: Introduce Success Habits

If you are like me, you probably enjoy reading about successful people who love sharing what helped them get where they are.

Success Magazine asked a handful of top performers what their biggest success secret was. Can you guess what the most common answers were?

Let me share them with you:

  • 22% Waking Up Earlier
  • 22% Making a Plan
  • 16% Writing Down my Goals
  • 3% Delegating
  • 37% Learn from other Achievers.

So what do all these answers have in common?

They relate to specific daily habits. Top performers appreciate that while we all have the same amount of time, simple actions done regularly is what makes similar people enjoy different outcomes. So if you want success in any area of life, introduce one or two success habits into your life (more details on how to easily create success habits click here). Start with small and realistic commitments so that you can make sure that you follow through no matter what.


Study top performers, and choose one success habit that you are willing to incorporate into your life that you know will over time make a big difference to your life.

Step 3: Be persistent

Studying the best is great. However, without implementing what you have learned, you will stay where you are. So commit at least one hour each day to working any of the three activities that will help you achieve your biggest goal for the year. Remember also to follow through with your success habits.


Choose a time for each day to work on the three activities that will move you towards your big goal. Also, schedule when you will be doing your success habits. Make sure you consciously follow through with these actions, until they become an automatic part of your schedule.

Remember that success is about doing a few things right, on a consistent basis. By working on what matters most, and introducing the kind of habits that will make you feel more energized, you will enjoy unprecedented results. Celebrate small and big wins, so that you will feel inspired to take on bigger goals and more success habits, creating the kind of upward spiral that will make you unstoppable.

Please remember to share with me how you are progressing with these three steps, and what other Productivity tips you may have. Thank you!


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