Finding love can seem so brutally difficult to many. This is especially frustrating as most of us believe at some level that we are worthy of love.  To add salt to the wound, it becomes even more painful when we see so many others flourishing in with their partners.

The secret I am about to share is counter intuitive: rather than trying to learn many skills and become even more impressive, the real key is to learn how to un-peeling  the many layers we have created around our true identity. This is because by being genuine, we instantly become more curious, open minded, courageous and enthusiastic, all very attractive attributes. By sharing our deepest passions and fears, we allow ourselves to connect to other people at a much deeper and significant manner.

By giving up to act superhuman, we can also more easily accept that our dates too are humans, with normal flaws and insecurities. Trying to constantly impress is extremely exhausting and stressful. Therefore the shift from wanting to be adored to wanting to be known, makes us feel so much lighter and more comfortable in our own skin. In addition, reconnecting to our true allows us to enjoy lasting relationships, based on a vision of mutual acceptance, and a desire to help each other grow together as human beings and as a couple. To me, this is really what relationships are about.

I speak in much greater detail about how you can attract the love of your life, in my book, which you can download for free this week. However, in the mean time I would like you to just become more aware how often we do things with the intention to impress. This awareness will enable you to reconnect to becoming more authentic, and hence more attractive:-))

Finding True Love


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