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Since being a kid, I loved tennis. 

So getting the chance to work in sport for most of my adult life, was a dream come true!

I experienced many highlights, but let me list a few:

Managing world-class tennis players, including current world #1 Novak Djokovic, gave me a real insight as to what it takes to become the best in a competitive field, and what separates the best performers from everyone else.

Staging my own professional tennis events in several Asian countries, taught me how to lead bigger teams and adjust to different cultures. 

Being part of the ATP Council gave me some insight on how politics work and how organizations try to resolve conflicts of interests.

Since I married, I have reduced my travel to enjoy quality time with my family:

I spend a lot of time learning about topics I find valuable because they improve my life, make me a better husband and help me be a role model for my kids.

The purpose of this site is to share my biggest takeaways so that other people will benefit.

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